Prof. Ryan Broll

Prof. Ryan Broll, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, spoke to several media outlets on Feb. 26, Pink Shirt Day, to discuss his latest research on youth resilience to bullying.

Broll spoke to CBC Radio Kitchener’s The Morning Edition and said his most recent research revealed that teachers can play a big role for bullied students, providing them with someone to talk to. A school with appositive climate can also help he said, and schools with smaller class sizes can help to contribute to that positive climate.

“If we’re serious about dealing with bullying and reducing bullying in our schools, then class sizes is something that we should be thinking of,” he said.

Broll also spoke with CBC Radio’s Ontario Morning, the Guelph Mercury-Tribune, Guelph Today , and other outlets.

Broll specializes in bullying and cyber-bullying among youth, as well as post-traumatic growth and resilience.

His latest research examines resilience among young people who have experienced bullying, seeking to answer how youth who have been repeatedly bullied avoid negative outcomes.