Appendix Of Terms

  • Internal communications: On-campus audiences; materials and products intended for current students, faculty and staff.
  • External communications: Off-campus audiences; materials and products intended for external groups including media, government, industry, potential students, alumni, the general public, other institutions, businesses and partners.
  • Cornerstone: A black square containing the University of Guelph identifier in white. It is the preferred logo for use on all external communications and can be used alone or with the Improve Life tagline.
  • Tagline: “Improve Life” is the University of Guelph’s tagline and a key brand expression. Visually, it is most often represented in Bembo small caps font and positioned beside the Cornerstone. It may appear apart from the Cornerstone if positioned in the lower-right corner of the same page/document.
  • Identifier: The Identifier is a logotype of the words University of Guelph. There are two formats, the Stacked Identifier and the Horizontal Identifier.
  • Sub-brand: Any brand associated with or operating under the University of Guelph parent-brand.
  • Lock-up: A “Lock-up” is a templated Bembo or Helvetica Neue font treatment of a Sub-brand name “locked up” beside the Cornerstone.