A view of Branion Plaza on the U of G campusStudents across Ontario are planning a walkout Thursday at 4 p.m. to raise awareness of gender-based and sexual violence.

At the University of Guelph, the event is scheduled to start in Branion Plaza and move to Johnston Green.

The University supports students’ rights to participate in such events and express their views on this important topic.

Gender-based and sexual violence is a societal problem that extends beyond university campuses. Combatting it requires communal, collaborative action. As a society, we need to do more and better, including increased vigilance, action and awareness.

We also recognize that some students may prefer to stay in class rather than participate in the walkout. We want to ensure that all students feel safe and respected in their choice.

All U of G classes and labs, both in-person and remote, will continue as scheduled. Students are responsible for making up any course material due to missing classes or labs. Faculty or staff planning to participate in this walkout should do so only without disruption to their schedules and work-related roles and responsibilities.

The University strives to provide a respectful, welcoming culture and a safe campus environment. This includes minimizing the number of negative incidents; maintaining clear policies and processes to address issues promptly and effectively; and ensuring people feel comfortable and confident in seeking support should they experience gender-based or sexual violence or discrimination.

More information about U of G’s commitment and policies is available online.