Many in our community have been affected by incidents of hatred and discrimination at U of G and beyond over the past year. As a community committed to the values of Indigeneity, equity, diversity and inclusion, we have an obligation to ensure that we foster a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment that is devoid of all forms of hate, discrimination, and violence.

In response to all acts of hatred, including the ongoing escalation of discrimination and violence toward trans, queer, and gender-diverse communities, we can and we must act.

Through our teaching, our research, and our engagement – we must continue to stand up for those who are oppressed or marginalized, to educate ourselves and others, and to work to ensure that we do better.

U of G is proud to be a home for the thoughtful exploration of topics including gender, sexuality, and anti-racism – and we celebrate our talented faculty and staff who conduct research and educate our students in these areas of study.

In preparation for the fall, we have conducted safety assessments and put additional safety measures in place with a focus on these areas of study to help ensure we are doing all we can to keep our community safe.

As an institution, we take many proactive measures to ensure the safety and security of faculty, staff and students. This includes strengthening our after-hours security measures across our campuses, enhancing security in student housing spaces, and mandating sexual violence, student conduct, and diversity, equity, and inclusion training for students before arriving in residence.

In addition to this, we want to remind our community members to make use of the safety tools in place:

  • Download the SafeGryphon app to access all the personal safety tools available.
  • Register for U of G alerts to receive notifications of emergency incidents on campus and instructions on how to respond to protect your safety.
  • Review information on how to Be Prepared in the event of an emergency located on the Campus Safety Office website.

With a continued focus on fostering a safe and inclusive environment, we also encourage community members to access the following training programs and resources:

We are in a time of profound societal change – change that we have the power to shape and to influence. We must rise to the challenge – not solely because our conscience demands it, but because our values as Gryphons demand it.

We must stand together to denounce hatred in all forms, and to ensure our campuses are safe and welcoming spaces for all.

Gwen ChapmanProvost and Vice-President (Academic)

Sharmilla RasheedVice-President (Finance and Operations)