Dr. Scott Weese

Dr. Scott Weese, chief of infection control at the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), spoke to television and radio outlets about concerns of COVID-19 spreading and evolving new variants within wildlife now that Ontario deer have contracted the virus.  

On CTV Your Morning, Weese explained that because some animals are more susceptible to infection than others, the deer likely contracted the virus from humans. How the deer in these cases became infected, and whether wildlife can infect humans, he said, is unclear. But reducing COVID within wildlife, he said, is through better controlling it in humans. 

Speaking to 980 CFPL London News, Weese further explained the uncertainty regarding the risk of infection from deer and the concerns raised with their infection. He noted monitoring deer is necessary to fully understand the risks. 

Also a veterinary internal medicine specialist, Weese researches emerging infectious diseases, including COVID-19 and the spread between humans and animals.