Total applications to the University of Guelph’s main campus are up 22 per cent – more than double the system average – according to figures released this week by the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC).

OUAC’s annual January snapshot of applications is intended to help universities with enrolment planning. Data released shows how many students applied to Ontario universities from within the secondary school system, the number of applications those students generated, and which schools were their first, second, third or lower choices.

These figures show that a total of 32,527 applications were received from Ontario’s secondary students to U of G’s Guelph campus. This is an increase of 22.1 per cent, compared to a system average of 8.4 per cent. 

The number of Ontario secondary students who named U of G’s Guelph campus as their “first choice” school increased by 19.8 per cent. This is significantly higher than the system average increase of 1.6 per cent in first-choice applications.

U of G’s Ridgetown campus saw a 29-per-cent increase in overall applications, while the University of Guelph-Humber experienced a 1.5-per-cent decrease.

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