Prof. Helen Hambly Odame

Prof. Helen Hambly Odame, of the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development, was featured in a Global News article about a new report from RBC entitled Farmer 4.0 that predicts that in a decade’s time, farms will be operated largely by autonomous machines and digital logistics systems.

Hambly Odame commented that technology is transforming farming and as the operations become more complex, there will be a growing need for growers who are skilled in computer science, data analytics, communications, as well as traditional agriculture knowledge.

“We need individuals who can service the equipment — more and more digitally savvy equipment — we need people who know the wholesale retail side of the value chain, we need people who can broker innovation and go along with packages of very detailed information,” she said.

Hambly Odame’s researches focuses on information technology and telecommunications as well as knowledge mobilization in agricultural innovation systems. She has conducted research on a wide range of communication, media and intellectual asset projects in agriculture.

She also specializes in international agricultural  and development programs in developing nations.