U of G Experts Alert: Salmonella Outbreak

Prof. Lawrence Goodridge

The University of Guelph has food science experts who can discuss the latest nationwide food recall due to salmonella.

Compliments-brand chicken strips are being recalled following an outbreak of salmonellosis, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency recently announced. It’s just the latest recall involving contaminated frozen breaded chicken products, which have sickened hundreds of Canadians in recent years.

 Prof. Lawrence Goodridge holds the Leung Family Professorship in Food Safety in U of G’s Department of Food Science. He and colleagues at Laval University have led research to use genome sequencing to identify the specific salmonella strains that cause human disease.

a photo of Prof. Keith Warriner

Prof. Keith Warriner

They aim to develop new tests to detect salmonella on fresh produce, to help determine the source of outbreaks and to develop natural solutions to control the growth of the bacteria on fruit and vegetable crops.

Goodridge is also pursuing interdisciplinary research on food-borne pathogens, antibiotic resistance and food fraud.

Prof. Keith Warriner is also available to discuss the outbreak. A professor in U of G’s Department of Food Science, Warriner researches food safety, food microbiology and pathogens.


Prof. Lawrence Goodridge

Prof. Keith Warriner