Prof. Marangoni headshotA University of Guelph food science professor was named today as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC), the country’s top academic honour.

Alejandro Marangoni’s award recognizes his exceptional contributions to food chemistry through his research on the physical properties of foods, particularly fat crystallization and structure. He is one of 89 Fellows selected from nearly more than 500 candidates this year.

“I hold the RSC membership close to my heart because it’s an endorsement from the broader scientific community,” said Marangoni, a professor in the Department of Food Science and holder of a Tier I Canada Research Chair in Food, Health and Aging.

“I am looking forward to this new chapter and exploring ways I can contribute to advancing scholarship and knowledge in Canada.”

Among his projects during 27 years at U of G, Marangoni has looked at how to make chocolate heat-resistant and has explored how glass microspheres can immobilize water and affect biological activity. “You also need to play a bit,” he said, adding that he loves spending time in the lab trying different things. “It’s a great way to find new and novel approaches to your research area.”

Marangoni studies physical and nutritional properties of foods, particularly fats and oils. Widely recognized as the leading lipid materials scientist in the world, he has published more than 350 refereed research articles, 79 book chapters and 18 books, and has collected more than 40 patents.

“Induction into the Royal Society is wonderful, well-deserved recognition for Professor Marangoni and the University of Guelph,” said Charlotte Yates, provost and vice-president (academic).

“Dr. Marangoni’s teaching and research continues to enhance the University’s international reputation. He has helped shaped the minds and careers of numerous students for the past 27 years and his novel research is making a difference in the everyday lives of people in Canada and beyond.”

Also named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in the United Kingdom and the American Oil Chemists Society, Marangoni has received numerous awards for his research.

With more than 2,000 Fellows, the RSC promotes learning and research in the arts and humanities and the natural and social sciences.

Marangoni will attend the RSC’s induction ceremony in Halifax on Nov. 16.