Prof. Evie Adomait, Department of Economics and Finance, was featured in the Globe and Mail on Sept. 18, providing insight into the Canadian federal election. Adomait will critique the performance of the party leaders in the Globe and Mail/Google-organized debate and will be featured in weekend editions of the newspaper. She will also take part in an online conversation with two other Canadian economists until the election. Adomait teaches money and banking, introductory micro- and macro-economics, and industrial relations.

Tyler Flockhart, a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Integrative Biology, was interviewed by Global News on Sept. 18, and interviewed by CBC radio Sept. 14 and was the subject of a CBC News  and Yahoo! News stories this week. Flockhart discussed a project he is leading with integrative biology professor Ryan Norris and the David Suzuki Foundation to grow more milkweed in an attempt to reverse monarch butterfly decline.

Tomatosphere, a project created by Prof. Mike Dixon, School of Environmental Sciences, was profiled in a posting by former astronaut and University of Calgary chancellor Robert Thirsk. The post describes the work of Tomatosphere, which sends tomato seeds to space, in some cases for weeks aboard the International Space Station. Young students plant them to measure the germination and growth rate of the seedlings. Since 2001, an estimated 3.5 million students have participated. Dixon studies space exploration, and plant-environment interaction.