Prof. Dennis Baker, Political Science, was interviewed by Postmedia Newsfor a story on how provincial and municipal laws can lead to criminal laws. The story appeared in various newspapers across the country, including theMontreal Gazette, Edmonton Journal and Ottawa Citizen. Baker discussed how civil forfeiture laws and municipal bylaws blur the lines between federal, provincial and municipal powers. This back-door approach raises questions about due process, since evidence standards are lower, he said.

Prof. Ross McKitrick, Economics and Finance, wrote an op-ed for theNational Post discussing climate change and how temperatures have only minimally increased over the last century. McKitrick examined the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report and noted that, in the past 15 years, temperatures have flat-lined and even started declining. He said some scientists believe climate models contain fundamental problems. McKitrick said government needs to base economic decisions on reality, not flawed climate change models.

Kenneth Poon, a research associate in Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics, was interviewed by YAHOO News for a report on the rising cost of certain meat products. Poon said pork and beef, staples of most barbecues, are increasing in price. He said these increases result from drought and high feed prices, as well as a virus that has killed 10 per cent of pigs in the United States. Poon said supply will eventually increase and potentially lower costs for consumers, but not for a few years.

Prof. Keith Warriner, Food Science, was interviewed by the Toronto Starfor a story on how some restaurants are serving customers pork that is almost raw. He said the risk of pathogen transfer from pigs to humans is low, but he cautioned restaurants against endangering customers’ health.