Learn how She’s Got Game is inspiring the next generation of female athletes and reinforcing the University of Guelph’s leadership and commitment to our female student-athletes and coaches.

{Video open showing water and a swimmer in the pool}

Chantique Payne, Gryphon Swimming head coach: I started swimming lessons when I was tiny, I was about three years old. And I started competing when I was six, and I never stopped.

{Hockey puck on the ice}

Samantha Kosakowki, Jr. Gryphone Hockey Player: My best friend started playing hockey and she is who got me into playing hockey. And I just kind of fell in love with hockey.

{Campus of the University of Guelph}

Sarah Holmes, She’s Got Game scholarship recipient: I started playing basketball when I was six years old I think. Maybe six or seven. Throughout high school, I always knew I wanted to play post-secondary. ON my visit up here I knew right away this was where I wanted to spend the next four or five years. I didn’t even consider any other schools once I started the recruiting process.

{Holmes playing in a Gryphon basketball game}

Payne: I was coached by men my entire swimming career, but I definitely would’ve loved having a female coach around.
Kosakowki: Boys at school always say, ‘oh boys hockey is better’. I don’t always say it but I feel like if we played boys against girls, the girls could win. Because we are as good.

{Text appears on screen that reads: She’s Got Game takes action by supporting women working at all levels of sport}

Payne: Coming from Brantford I pretty much trained with all boys and I didn’t really have a team of women surrounding me or a big team atmosphere in general. So coming to Guelph was a big difference for me.

{Text appears on screen: This year, 87 female student-athletes are supported by awards created through the She’s Got Game initiative.}

Holmes: People are starting to notice, oh this girls basketball program is going to be really good one day. And same thing with volleyball, hockey. Our women’s hockey team has been amazing the past couple of years.

{Samantha entering the hockey arena, Holmes entering the Strength & Conditioning gym and Chantique entering the pool office} music plays. Samantha playing in a hockey game at watching at the bench}

Kosakowki: The rink is gold, but the arena itself is kinda warm. It’s kinda like a home, and is comfortable and I know I can be myself there.

{Holmes warming up, music plays}

Holmes: Having a scholarship has literally changed my life. In the best way possible. Things would be very different if I weren’t granted that opportunity. There is funding for female student-athletes and with that those athletes can take those resources and go all in on their sport.

{Payne coaching at the pool}

Payne: I was a swimmer who, if there was a men’s standard my standard was the men’s standard. The idea behind what started this whole initiative and gearing athletics and wanting it to be able to continue in sport and have the financial means to continue sport is just an amazing concept in and of itself.

{Holmes with female basketball coach listening in the huddle on the bench}

Holmes: There are more and more female head coaches in different programs around Ontario, so we are definitely taking big steps in closing that gap and ensuring that women in sports are heard and seen.

{Music plays and Holmes playing basketball, Samantha playing hockey, Payne coaching at the pool}

Payne: Creating this program just allowed more female presence in athletics which I think is so important.
{Music plays and quick shots of Junior Gryphons, Varsity Athletes, Gryphon supporters all wearing the She’s Got Game Merchandise line}