Video opens on close up of food being prepared in a large industrial kitchen. We see a sauce pan of tomatoes and onions on the stove, then close up of hands chopping parsley, a pot with rice and parsley being dropped in.

[Voice Over (VO) of Vijay Nair, Head Chef at U of G] – Food is a unifier. Food is what brings people together.

Vijay appears on screen. He is wearing his chef’s uniform sitting in an empty dining hall. Moves to a wide shot of the University Centre’s food court. Close up of food being grilled on a large hot plate.

[Vijay VO]- We have students come over to Guelph from all over the world and food is something that will put a smile on everybody’s face.

Vijay on screen working in the kitchen, shot of Intenational Flavours/Local Ingredients sign in kitchen at the UC, see another chef working in the kitchen, close up of meat, lettuce. Long shot of kitchen with Vijay in the foreground cooking over a stove. Vijay talking to another chef, close up of lentils cooking in a pot.

[Vijay VO]- We created the tagline “International Flavours … Local Ingredients.” We like to be as authentic as possible using local ingredients to make a dish from, from any of the regions that we want to.

[Vijay on screen] – Our culinary team represents over 20 different cultural backgrounds.

More kitchen shots. Clip of Mom’s Kitchen, see sign and food with staff member serving.

[Vijay VO] – It’s a beautiful mix we have, and I think that is what translates to the food that we serve across campus. All the dining halls on campus have a station called Mom’s.

[Vijay on screen] –  It’s really to provide comfortable food that that’s from a lot of different cultures and ethnicities.

Cook in kitchen, close up of international chicken dish, cooks talking in kitchen, Vijay standing at board looking at schedule. More cooks in kitchen.

[Vijay VO]- It is really to remind people of their mom’s cooking and that’s kind of what we really want to do. We cover every continent in every semester.

[Vijay on screen] – We meet with the Student Advisory Committee every two weeks and we try to put that in the menu as well. When somebody tells me that what I tasted today reminds me of home or what my mother cooked. There’s no other compliment better than that.