Microsoft is proceeding with their New Teams client roll-out. After March 31 2024, New Teams will be installed, in stages by Microsoft, for users who are still using classic Teams.

No issues are anticipated with the move to New Teams. The CCS Email and Collaboration Team has been using New Teams since December 2023 and New Teams has been available (optionally) to all University M365 accounts with a valid Teams license since January 1, 2024.

Update Teams now

Why wait? You can update to new Teams before March 31. Look for the ‘Try the new Teams’ toggle at the top of the Teams window.

See Microsoft Support documentation: Start using new Teams

For classic Teams users who have encountered issues moving to new Teams or who don’t meet the prerequisites to upgrade will still have access to the classic Teams client until July 1 2024 at the earliest.

Anyone with further questions about the Teams upgrade or who are experiencing issues with updating to New Teams should contact to open a support ticket.

Learn more on the CCS SharePoint site.