Dr. David Ma
Dr. David Ma

Dr. David Ma, a professor of human nutrition in the College of Biological Science, spoke with several news outlets about aspartame as a possible carcinogen and about caffeine.

Ma spoke with the Toronto Star, CBC News and The Canadian Press following the release of a report by the cancer research arm of the World Health Organization on aspartame’s cancer-causing potential. He also appeared on CBC’s The National.

Ma stressed it’s hard to estimate the actual risk from “possible carcinogen” and added very few people consume the current recommended daily maximum amount of the sweetener. 

He echoed those thoughts in interviews with Narcity and CHCH News.

“If you’re having an occasional can of diet soda, I wouldn’t be too worried,” Ma said. “Though I would be very concerned if you are exceeding 10 or more drinks per day, consuming some kind of artificial sweetener.”

Ma also spoke with Global News about the potential dangers of excessive caffeine, in the wake of a recall of a popular energy drink.

A professor in the Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences, Ma is the director of the Guelph Family Health Study and studies the links between nutrition and cancer.