A man with brown hair, glasses and a beard smiles wearing a pink shirt, brown suit jacket and multi-coloured tie.
Dr. Brent McKenzie

Dr. Brent McKenzie, marketing professor at the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics, spoke with CNN over the weekend about the public’s enduring fascination in the story of the Titanic, 111 years after it sank to the ocean floor.

McKenzie, whose forthcoming book explores the growing field of “dark tourism,” said the hubris and the glamour of the 1912 tragedy remains alluring.

“Rightly or wrongly, more and more tourists are drawn to sites and attractions related to death, tragedy, and suffering,” he told CNN Travel.

McKenzie is a professor in the Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies. He is a leading expert on marketing in the retail sector and management theory and practice in the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.