Next month, U of G’s Payment Services will launch SAP Concur, a modern, automated, user-friendly solution to improve and streamline the process for submitting expense claims. 

Concur will allow users (i.e., faculty, staff and students on payroll) to electronically submit expense claims and receive approval electronically via computer or mobile device on campus, remotely or on-the-go. Those with the appropriate designation can approve expense claims electronically, too.

A phased rollout of SAP Concur runs from February through March.  Units will be notified prior to the start of their rollout and further information will be provided directly to users to facilitate a seamless transition. The existing expense claim system (ECS) will remain in operation until all units have been transitioned.

For more information on the SAP Concur Project, please visit the Expense Claim System Replacement website, part of the Program Management Office site.

The SAP Concur Project Team would like to recognize that this initiative was made possible with the support and assistance of Computing and Communications Services, Financial Services, Audit Services and the many academic and non-academic units who worked together to bring Concur to fruition.