Dr. Mike von Massow sits at a desk with a computer screen displaying the words "food FOCUS"
Dr. Mike von Massow

Ontario Agricultural College food economist Dr. Mike von Massow made national headlines with his insights into how “tip fatigue” is affecting Canadians.  

Von Massow’s Conversation Canada commentary on the issue, along with “tipflation” and “tip creep,” appeared in several publications, including Ottawa Citizen

Appearing on the Jan. 24 episode of CTV News’ Your Morning, von Massow examined how tipping culture is changing and what it means for consumers. 

Von Massow also examined why tip fatigue may be setting in for many on air with CBC Radio and in GuelphToday.  

A professor in the Department of Food, Agriculture and Resource Economics von Massow researches retail and restaurant food demand, supply chain management, and value chain structure and performance.