Dr. Mike von Massow poses for a headshot in front of a shelf of potato chips and goldfish at a grocery store.
Dr. Mike von Massow

Ontario Agricultural College food economist Dr. Mike von Massow lent his thoughts to media publications on Loblaw’s decision to freeze prices on all No Name brand items.  

To CBC Business, von Massow explained that while the price freeze is likely to do with public relations, it “gives people some certainty now” with rising costs.  

In an interview with Global News Morning, von Massow offered his thoughts on collusion and “greedflation”, saying “it’s always easy to look for a scapegoat, but the answer is really much more complex” due to other factors behind high prices.

Von Massow also provided similar insight to CBC Radio One.  

A professor in the Department of Food, Agriculture and Resource Economics von Massow researches retail and restaurant food demand, supply chain management, and value chain structure and performance.