Prof. Sky Gilbert crosses his arms and stands against an ivy-covered wall
Dr. Sky Gilbert

Dr. Sky Gilbert, a professor in the College of Art’s School of English and Theatre Studies, appeared on TVO’s The Agenda for to discuss his work studying queer themes in literature and theatre.  

In the segment, Gilbert commented on the role of arts in politics and shared his ideas of what art should be. 

Gilbert is an award-winning playwright, director, filmmaker and teacher who co-founded Toronto’s Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, where he served as artistic director for 18 years. He has also published several novels and works of poetry, exploring themes of gender and sexuality.

He recently adapted Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus for a post-COVID era in a play entitled Who’s Afraid of Titus?, drawing on research for his 2020 book, Shakespeare Beyond Science: When Poetry Was the World

Gilbert’s academic work explores euphuism and the “queer feminine style” in playwriting, as well as sexuality and the stage, theatrical cross-dressing and male femininity in writing plays.   

Watch Gilbert’s interview with The Agenda: