Fall semester on-campus parking permits are now available for purchase. Refer to the chart below for updated rates and buy your permit online through the Campus Parking Services website. Winter semester permits will be available later this fall.

The Parking office reopens September 6! Staff will be available for in-person service Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. You can use online service 24/7 to purchase permits and pay fines.

If you’re parking on campus, make sure you’re aware of the updated Parking Policy and Traffic and Parking Regulations to avoid fines!

Parking rates – Effective Sept. 1, 2022

Permit Type Valid Parking Location Rate Sept ’22- Apr ’23 (Taxes included) Details
Black ZoneAssigned lot in a Black Zone.
Any Red or Yellow Zone
$160/monthApply online. Valid for an assigned lot, guaranteeing an available spot 24/7.
Red Zone Any Red Zone
(Basic interior lots)
$88/MonthRequired to park in any Red Zone during posted hours of operation. (Sold out for students – waitlist available)
Yellow ZoneAny Yellow Zone
(Value perimeter lots)
$77/MonthRequired to park in any Yellow Zone during posted hours of operation.
Daily PermitsP13 or P30
P11 or P19 or P59
Red Zone
Available to faculty, staff and students. Required to park in specific zones during posted hours of operation. In and out privileges with valid permit

How to purchase a permit

To purchase a permit, you’ll need an account with Parking Services.

  1. If you do not already have a parking account, complete a Student or Faculty/Staff Parking Account Request form online.
  2. Once you have an account, visit the Parking Services website.
  3. Log in with your central log-in credentials and select “GET PERMIT.” Follow the prompts.

Virtual permits and sharing

You may register license plates for up to three vehicles to your virtual parking permit (no physical permit to keep in your vehicle). This money-saving option is helpful if you want to share the cost of a permit with co-workers or friends who have a different on-campus schedule than your own. If you register multiple vehicles to a permit, only one of those vehicles can be parked on campus at a time.

Good news for those with electric vehicles

If you regularly use U of G’s electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, you may want to purchase a Green EV Permit.

The new Green EV Permits:

  • Allow you to conveniently and affordably charge your vehicle while you’re parked on campus – maximum time limit and other regulations apply
  • Must be purchased along with a Red or Yellow Zone permit
  • Can replace the EV Paybyphone requirement for Red or Yellow Zone permit holders

You can also charge your vehicle using the Paybyphone option if you choose not to buy a Green EV permit.

Visitor and hourly parking

Visitor Permits are available for $15 per day and are valid in Red and Yellow Zones during posted hours of operation. To purchase a Visitor Permit, a parking account must be created. Contact Campus Parking Services questions@parking.uoguelph.ca for more information.

Hourly parking is available in specific spots on campus and can be purchased through Paybyphone or the HONK app (check the Google Play store or the Apple App store).

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