Oct. 20 Board of Governors: Audited Financial Statements Approved, Membership Changes

The most recent U of G Board of Governors meeting was held Oct.20. Below are key highlights from the meeting. A full synopsis of the meeting will be available on the University Secretariat’s website.

Audited Financial Statements Approved

The University’s audited financial statements are prepared by the University and reviewed by audit firm Ernst & Young (EY). Following this review, the Board approved the University’s audited statements for 2020-21.

Leadership Updates

Dr. Charlotte Yates and members of the leadership team provided the Board with updates on a number of initiatives including:

Following the update on the Steering Committee on Preventing and Addressing Sexual Violence, two members of the Guelph Gryphons Track & Field team addressed the Board about their concerns, and concerns raised by alumni from the team in an open letter, relative to this area.

Membership Changes

The Board approved the appointment of a new governor:

  • Christine Mishra, a second year MSc student in the Department of Integrative Biology in the College of Biological Science, was appointed to the graduate student-elected vacancy on the board following a by-election held earlier in the Fall semester.

The next regular Board of Governors meeting will take place on Wednesday, January 26, 2022. Regular board meetings are open to the public. Guests wishing to view the meeting may request to do so by emailing univsec@uoguelph.ca.