Prof. Alejandro Marangoni and PhD student Reed Nicholson wear lab coats and hold a bottle of liquid fat
Prof. Alejandro Marangoni, right, and PhD student Reed Nicholson

Prof. Alejandro Marangoni, Department of Food Science, appeared on CBC Radio’s Quirks & Quarks on Nov. 21  to discuss his latest research that could lead to a healthier and more affordable substitute for palm oil.

Marangoni’s research is the first to demonstrate the use of enzymatic glycerolysis for turning liquid vegetable oils into solid fats. He and his team tested the process on cottonseed and peanut oils and successfully produced solid fats with good textural and structural properties.

The innovation may revolutionize the production of numerous consumer foods, from baked goods to plant-based meat alternatives.

Quirks & Quarks with Bob McDonald airs on CBC Radio One on Saturdays at noon.

Here is the episode; Prof. Marangoni’s interview starts at the 17:50 mark.