Prof. Marion Joppe
Prof. Marion Joppe

Prof. Marion Joppe, from the School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management, spoke to for an article about where it’s safe for Canadians to travel.

Joppe noted that while the federal government is urging all Canadians to avoid unnecessary international travel, the decision to travel still rests with Canadians.

“The advisory is only that; it’s not a prohibition. If you want to go, you can. We aren’t prisoners in our country. But when you come back, you must self-isolate. That’s the only stick,” she said.

She noted as well that some countries are requiring visitors provide proof of travel insurance coverage and it’s a huge risk to travel in a pandemic without it.

Joppe, who researches the economic, social and environmental impacts of tourism, also recently cowrote a commentary for Conversation Canada along with colleague Prof. Lianne Foti, about why so many Canadians are reticent to fly at all.

They noted recent polls that suggest that less than a third of Canadians are willing to fly anywhere, and that the uncertainty created by lockdowns and quarantines — sometimes imposed on short notice — means consumer confidence will remain fragile.