As part of its ongoing efforts to support international students throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Guelph is providing up to $4 million in funding through three new initiatives that will offer further financial assistance to these students.

This funding is in addition to steps taken in the winter and spring 2020 semesters, when the University enhanced existing emergency bursaries for international students, created a new COVID-19 bursary including an automatic $2,500 for international graduate students, and allowed for deferred tuition payment plans.

“We recognize the challenges that many of our international students are facing during this crisis and so we are taking these further actions to help them continue their studies,” said Stuart McCook, assistant vice-president international.

U of G is pleased to announce three new initiatives for 2020/21:

The Provost Incentive Offer is a one-time credit of $750 that will be provided to all full-time international students registered for the Fall 2020 semester. It will automatically be applied to the student’s account and no application will be required. Students must simply remain registered full-time for the entire fall semester to retain the credit.

The University is also creating an International Tuition Assistance Bursary, a needs-based program that will provide up to $2,500 ($1,250 per semester) to international students having difficulty paying their tuition. This bursary is in addition to supports available through regular bursary programs.

The Student Financial Services webpage has further details about how to apply for the bursary  for undergraduate international students and graduate international students.

There will also be enhancements to the International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships so that new international students who have been already been awarded International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships will receive a renewal amount of $4,000 for each of their second, third and fourth years of study, as long as they meet all renewal criteria.

In addition to these new funding initiatives, the University continues to provide other forms of support to international students, including offering residence spaces to those who were unable to leave the country, counselling services, student wellness services and student accessibility services.

U of G’s International Student Experience and student housing teams have also increased outreach activities and are providing new programs that mitigate the social and emotional impacts of this crisis.

“U of G has a long tradition of welcoming international students to our campus where they form an important part of our community, adding new perspectives and enhancing the learning experience for all,” said McCook. “We will continue to re-evaluate the needs of these students during the pandemic and continue to find other ways to offer our support.”

To learn more about what the U of G student experience will look like this fall, visit the Virtual Campus page.