The University is committed to combatting anti-Black racism and all forms of discrimination, violence and expressions of hate that occur in our midst.

Recent events have made it clear that anti-Black racism still exists in Canada and even at our institution and that more needs to be done to continue to foster a culture of inclusion and diversity throughout our entire campus.

The University takes this situation seriously and in the coming days, weeks and months will share our plans for addressing anti-Black racism and discrimination.

The first step will be meaningful conversations and consultations including an online town hall. The University also commits to introducing an anti-racism and anti-oppression training module for all incoming students. The University will also work on healing and teaching through a series of webinars on anti-racism, allyship and anti-oppression.

These actions are included in a message from Indira Naidoo-Harris, AVP, diversity and human rights, outlining the next steps to combat anti-Black racism and discrimination.