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Prof. Andrew Hathaway

Prof. Andrew Hathaway, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, is available to discuss what’s changed in Canada since marijuana was legalized one year ago this week.

Hathaway researches drug use as well as drug policy in Canada. His research focuses on marijuana for medical uses and the broader normalizing trends of cannabis consumption. He also studies other forms of drug use and harm reduction policies.

Hathaway recently appeared in a Winnipeg Free Press article on the anniversary, which noted that overall cannabis use has not increased since legalization. He said that finding didn’t surprise him.

“It’s just an indication that… the law has never been a particularly effective deterrent,” he said, adding the drug has always been relatively accessible for most Canadians.

Hathaway also said that while the law has changed, the stigma around pot use has not, and the drug is still regarded by many as one used by “lower-class individuals.”

Hathaway teaches in the criminal justice and public policy program in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.


Prof. Andrew Hathaway