Prof. Benjamin Bohrer

The University of Guelph has experts who can discuss the reasons behind China’s decision to ban Canadian meat exports and what it means for meat producers.

Prof. Benjamin Bohrer, Department of Food Science, can discuss ractopamine, the feed additive that some Canadian pork producers use to help pigs put on more muscle mass before slaughter.

Bohrer spoke with both Global News and about the additive and why China bans it but Canada still allows it.

He researches meat science and animal feed ingredients that can improve meat and meat production. His focus is on how to raise animals efficiently and humanely while creating products that meet consumer expectations.

Prof. Mike von Massow

Prof. Mike von Massow, a food economist in the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics, can discuss how the export ban will affect Canadian meat producers.

Von Massow spoke with CBC London and several CBC Radio outlets about how the ban is already hurting pork producers, who have long viewed China as a key export market. He is concerned that attempts to grow that market will be compromised by this ban, even if it is temporary.

Von Massow studies structure and performance of food value chains, the economics of food demand in restaurant and retail, management science and operations, and pricing strategy.

a photo of Prof. Simon Somogyi
Prof. Simon Somogyi

Prof. Simon Somogyi, the Arrell Chair in the Business of Food, can also comment on the ban and how it might affect meat prices.

Somogyi, is the co-author of Canada’s Food Price Report and studies agri-food value chains and international market development as a faculty member in U of G’s School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management.



Prof. Ben Bohrer

Prof. Mike von Massow

Prof. Simon Somogyi