The University of Guelph’s Department of Physics bubbled up a whole lot of attention on May 9, when the Physics and Astronomy Club attempted to set a new Guinness World Record for the largest “elephant’s toothpaste” ever made.

The official word from the Guinness World Records team is still not in, but it looks like the U of G team was able to generate over 15 cubic metres of foam in a matter of seconds, which would indeed set a new record.

Here’s video of the event. 

Department of Physics sessional lecturer Jason “Orbax” Thomas led the record attempt along with assistant “Sweet Pepper” Klopek.

The record attempt took place on U of G’s Johnston Green as part of the Science Olympics, an annual event that attracts hundreds of high school students from around the area to showcase their science projects and learn about careers and higher education in science.

CBC Kitchener was there to cover the event, along with CTV Kitchener, the Guelph Mercury-Tribune, and several dozen spectators.

All the measurements and data from the record attempt has been sent to Guinness World Records, which will decide whether yet another record has been broken on the U of G campus.