Gary Ellis headshot
Prof. Gary Ellis

Prof. Gary Ellis, head of justice studies at the University of Guelph-Humber, has offered his expertise in the media on gun violence and gun control.

He appeared on CBC’s Metro Morning on Aug. 10 talking about Doug Ford’s pledge of $25 million to fight gun violence with “legal SWAT teams” and other measures. Ellis, a former Toronto Police superintendent, discussed how he believes gun violence could be reduced.

In the days after the mass shooting in Toronto’s Danforth neighbourhood, Ellis was called on by CBC to discuss the availability of guns and gun regulation. He said many citizens feel helpless and want to know what can be done to keep their communities safe.

Ellis discussed some of the reasons that people from collectors to trappers buy handguns legally, and said many illegal handguns cross the Canada-U.S. border through criminal pipelines or other illegal means.

He studies justice and policing issues, governance and organizational change.