Prof. Douglas Goff

Artisanal ice creams offer fancy flavours, such as golden milk or coconut charcoal, but they can also come with a fancy price, and some consumers wonder why a single cone might cost more than an entire tub of a conventional store-bought brand.

U of G’s resident ice cream expert, Prof. Douglas Goff, has spent a long time researching the properties of the popular frozen treat. He is also the author of The Ice Cream eBook, which was referenced in a July 14 Huffington Post article examining the difference between conventional and artisanal ice creams.

The article found the price of ice cream comes down to a few key factors: ingredients, processes and distribution. It said higher fat content is correlated with higher product pricing, and revealed that some grocery store brands keep the fat content at the lowest allowable legal limit.

The Huffington Post story got picked up by Yahoo Travel and Yahoo Singapore.

A professor in the Department of Food Science, Goff is known internationally for his ice cream research. His recent study published in Science found that using banana plant extract can slow melting of ice cream.

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Goff studies food freezing, dairy products and dairy processing.