Prof. Barbara Morongiello, Psychology, was interviewed by CBC News on Sept. 3. In the story, Morongiello discussed her research into preventing injuries to children walking across streets. Morongiello and the researchers in her lab have developed a virtual reality system that allows them to study the behaviour and attitudes of children at street crossings. Her research is now looking at at strategies to improve the safety of children walking to and from school. Morongiello is a Canada Research Chair in Child and Youth Injury Prevention.

Prof. Sylvain Charlebois, Marketing and Consumer Studies, wrote an op-ed column for the Montreal Gazette on Sept. 3 and was interviewed by the Financial Post on Aug. 30. In the Gazette column, Charlebois wrote on the need for Canadian dairy farmers to innovate in light of declining milk consumption. In the Financial Post story, Charlebois discussed how some stores are selling produce that previously would have been wasted at a discount to consumers. Charlebois, who studies supermarket economics and food distribution, noted that this could have a big impact on larger supermarket chains, farmers and consumers.

Tyler Flockhart, a post-doctoral researcher at U of G, was interviewed Sept. 2 on Ontario Morning on CBC Radio stations. Flockhart discussed a research project he will be conducting with Prof. Ryan Norris, Integrative Biology, and the David Suzuki Foundation to help monarch butterflies. The researchers will be planting and monitoring milkweed alongside roads, rail lines and in hydro corridors in southern Ontario. Monarch butterflies lay eggs on milkweed and the larvae feed on the plant. Flockhart and Norris have researched the declining number of monarch butterflies and potential solutions.

Prof. emeritus Maurice Nelischer,Landscape Architecture, was interviewed by the Toronto Star on Aug. 28 for a story on fake lawns. The story examines how some homeowners are installing these lawns, and the potential environmental impact. Nelischer, who studies alternative lawns, urban renewal and urban revitalization, discussed potential ecological concerns with these lawns growing in popularity.