Prof. Timothy Dewhirst, Marketing and Consumer Studies, wrote an op-ed column published in the Globe and Mail – Report on Business on Sept. 8. The column looks at the branding issues facing the Washington Redskins, with much controversy surrounding the team name, seen by some as an insult to Native Americans. The article examines past issues surrounding similar team names in other sports, and discusses the value of the Redskins’ brand. Dewhirst researches brand strategy and social marketing.

Prof. Jess Haines, Family Relations and Applied Nutrition, was quoted in the Globe and Mail on Sept. 8 for a story on feeding picky children. The story noted that coercion is often used to promote healthy eating. Haines, who studies family-based nutritional interventions and healthy behaviour of pre-school children, said there are other ways to provide nutritious meals, such as providing various options and being a good role model.

Profs. Kevin McCann and John Fryxell, Integrative Biology, were quoted in a number of news articles referencing a study they co-authored, on predator and prey numbers. The study says that predator and prey biomass is limited by a simple mathematical function. Coverage of the study extended around the world, with McCann and Fryxell quoted in Yahoo News UK, The Inquisitr, Christian Science Monitor, Discovery News and Tech Times.