A University of Guelph mentoring program for students was the focus of a Globe and Mail article today.

The article focused on the College of Business and Economics’ program that recruits alumni to mentor undergraduates. This fall, Guelph expects to match 40 to 50 top students with mentors who meet in-person and online at least three times each semester.

The story interviewed current Guelph business student Paul Leptocaridis, alumnus Andrew Arklie, Career Centre manager Mary-Anne Moroz, and Julia Christensen Hughes, dean of the College of Business and Economics. Each discussed how the Business + Mentoring Program seeks to prepare students for future careers and helps answer questions they may have, while developing the students’ networks.

The program allows students to learn from people who are working in fields they are interested in, said Christensen Hughes, while giving the mentors a chance to meet young and talented individuals. Moroz noted that the program plans to add about 1,600 third- and fourth-year undergraduate students in a couple years, and after that, bring graduate students in to be mentored.