The annual United Way College Idol talent show featured six competitors at the Oct. 31 event. Videos of their performances are now available on the United Way website, and everyone on campus is encouraged to vote for this year’s College Idol.

The individual performer or group who receives the most $1 votes will win the title; all proceeds go to the University’s United Way campaign.

The idol contestants are:

College Idol voting continues until 3 p.m. Nov. 29. Find your favourite idol’s voting box in the following locations:

  • Abraham Munene – OVC dean’s office and Bovey 1106;
  • The Central Tendons – HHNS departmental office and the CBS dean’s office;
  • The BOOgie Men- Co-op office on Trent Lane, behind Rozanski Hall;
  • The Dubey-Ratra Sufi Brothers – McLaughlin Library;
  • The Handsome Strangers- COA dean’s office;
  • Bourbon and Banjos – HUTT 119, Bovey 1106 and the CSAHS dean’s office.