Renovations to the University Centre bus loop will begin later this month and continue until late August. Ian Weir, Parking Services and Transportation Planning, says the construction will address the need for improvements and additional service by GO Transit and the City of Guelph’s public transit system.

A new system design for Guelph Transit relies heavily on the University Center as a transit hub. The plan will increase service to provide more freedom for users throughout the city, as trip times will be dramatically reduced and service more direct.

Over the summer, four additional Guelph Transit platforms will be constructed south of South Ring Road. To address safety concerns, a second set of pedestrian-activated traffic lights will be installed on South Ring Road at the east-side entrance of the bus loop. This will anchor the University Centre’s “horse shoe” bus loop with pedestrian lights at both ends.

In addition, two additional GO Transit platforms will be added adjacent to the existing GO platforms. To accommodate this change, parking lot P42 will no longer exit into the bus loop. Drivers will both enter and exit the small lot from Christie Lane.

New lighting, paving and sidewalks will also be included in this renovation.

Funding for the project is being provided by the City of Guelph, GO Transit and the University.

For additional information, contact Ian Weir at Ext. 52328, or visit the project website at