The Office of Research will introduce new guidelines for faculty and researchers applying for external funding. The changes aim to promote better planning, preparedness, and high-quality applications and proposals.

Beginning June 1, the Office of Research will begin a new schedule of internal deadlines for external funding applications. The deadlines range from one week to one month before the external sponsor’s deadline.

“This change will ensure that the Office of Research can adequately review submissions and, ultimately, that we are advancing the highest-quality proposals to funding agencies,” says Kevin Hall, vice-president (research).

U of G policy requires review and approval by the Office of Research of all applications and proposals for external funding. The Office of Research will not accept submissions after the posted internal deadline, and will not accept  incomplete submissions for review.

Complete submissions include a signed research proposal approval form (OR-5), a copy of the application/proposal, and a budget.

Internal deadlines vary with the particular submission and the review required to secure University approvals. (Submission and review affect processing lead times).

Examples of the new schedule are:

Due ONE WEEK before sponsor deadline: Individual operating grants (e.g., NSERC discovery grant, SSHRC standard research grant).

Due TWO WEEKS before sponsor deadline: Proposals for industry partnership and collaboration (e.g., NSERC collaborative research and development grants, SSHRC partnerships programs).

Due ONE MONTH before sponsor deadlines: Strategic institutional applications (e.g., Canada Research Chairs, Canada Foundation for Innovation, Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation), Inter-Institutional Agreements (IIAs), Memoranda of Understanding, developing agreements with industry partners, and programs involving multiple funding sources such as AAFC Science Clusters and FedDev.

Exemptions for the new deadlines will require written requests from the researchers’ college.

Laura Beaupre, director of research services, suggests researchers determine whether their colleges and departments set additional earlier deadlines for peer review or other quality-control measures.

For a detailed list of deadlines see the Guidelines on Internal Deadlines and Office of Research Review, which is available online.

If you have questions about the deadlines, contact Laura Beaupre, director, research support services, or Ext. 56616, or Rich Moccia, associate vice-president (research), or Ext. 58674.