Where to Get Help With Snow Removal on Campus

A photo of Johnston Hall on the U of G campus covered in snowU of G’s Physical Resources team works hard to keep campus accessible for everyone during challenging winter weather. If you know of a snow-covered area that needs to be cleared, you have two options for reporting it.

Level 1 – Suggestions

To share a general concern or feedback about snow removal, email snow@pr.uoguelph.ca. Use this email address for non-urgent situations to tell Physical Resources about common problem areas. You can also complete U of G’s snow removal survey online to inform Physical Resources about areas you think will need attention during the winter.

Level 2 – Immediate Help

If you have an accessibility need and require immediate assistance with a snow-covered or icy route, call 519-993-HELP (4357). You can also access this number through the SafeGryphon app under the Personal Safety Toolbox. You will reach a member of the Physical Resources team who can help right away.

In an emergency

If you or someone else is at serious risk of injury or has been critically injured – call 911 or the U of G Community Safety Office at 519-840-5000 or Ext. 52000.

Thanks for helping keep our campus safe and accessible for everyone!