Human Resources Professor Makes Headlines

Dr. Nita Chhinzer

Dr. Nita Chhinzer, a professor in the Department of Management in U of G’s Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics, spoke to several news outlets in recent days on various employment issues.

In a series of interviews with Ontario CBC Radio stations, Chhinzer discussed new provincial “right to disconnect” legislation, which requires employers to develop disconnecting-from-work policies, including expectations about response time for work emails and messages.

Chhizner also spoke to the Toronto Star about the many implications of enforcing vaccine mandates through terminations.

She commented that with many businesses already having trouble finding staff, mandatory vaccination policies are an additional “tricky part of the puzzle” that might cause them to lose even more workers, pay overtime to remaining workers or modify their business model.

Chhinzer researches strategic human resources management, with a focus on downsizing practices, procedures and ethics.