Dr. Nita Chhinzer

Dr. Nita Chhinzer, a professor in the Department of Management in U of G’s Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics, spoke to BBC Worklife for two articles on changes being seen in today’s workforce/

The first examined why sudden resignations have surged in many fields in 2021. Chhinzer commented that when employees get fed up and “rage quit” without giving notice, “they’re not really stopping to make rational decisions” and many overestimate their ability to secure another job.

For a second article, Chhinzer discussed her recent research with with PhD student Jinuk Oh on “turnover contagion” that follows the resignation of key members of a work team.

“It really does cause a mass exodus,” she commented, adding that her research has shown that when the strongest performers on a team leave, others suddenly start to re-evaluate their relationship with the workplace as well.

Chhinzer researches many aspects of employment ethics including downsizing practices and consequences.