Expert Alert: Global Climate Emergency Declaration


Prof. Elizabeth Boulding

Four University of Guelph professors have joined 11,000 scientists around the world to sign a letter that declares climate change a global emergency.

Prof. Asim Biswas, School of Environmental Sciences; and Profs. Elizabeth Boulding, Kevin McCann and Patricia Wright, all Department of Integrative Biology, signed the letter from the Alliance of World Scientists that declares that climate change has arrived and that deep and lasting shifts in human activities that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and other climate change factors are needed now.

Boulding is available for interviews.

She spoke to CBC Kitchener and said she is concerned about the rate of climate change she has seen during her career researching invading species in Northeast Pacific rocky intertidal communities.

“This is a danger that isn’t something that’s going to happen to our great grandchildren. This is something our children are going to have to deal with,” she said.

Biswas, who researches sustainable soil management, said the way the climate change is impacting soil is of great concern. He said he added his name to the letter “to kind of shake it up a little bit more so that people start to listen.”


Prof. Elizabeth Boulding