Glenn Hanna headshot, smilingProf. Glenn Hanna was interviewed by Global News Radio 900 CHML on July 16 for a story about the death of NHL player Ray Emery and how police investigators approach similar cases.

Assistant program head of justice studies at the University of Guelph-Humber, Hanna told Global News that when investigators are called to a scene, they first need to come to grips with what they are dealing with. Then police begin to ask questions and start to sift through the answers, looking for consistencies and inconsistencies.

He says police may start to gravitate toward a certain line of inquiry, while keeping an open mind and knowing that this direction could change at any moment with new information.

Hanna added that it can be tricky for law enforcement to  talk to the media about cases early during the investigation. He said a delicate balance may exist between the public’s right to know and the risk of speaking too soon before adequate information has been gathered.

Hanna belonged to the RCMP for 32 years. He studies organizational leadership and behaviour, focusing on justice and post-secondary sectors. Hanna is also an adjunct professor in U of G’s Department of Political Science.