Dr. Ali Dehghantanha poses for a headshot against a light grey backdrop.
Dr. Ali Dehghantanha

Cybersecurity researcher Dr. Ali Dehghantanha, a professor in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, discussed the rising number of social media account hacking incidents and cyber warfare in the Russia-Ukraine war with two national media outlets.  

Dehghantanha spoke to The Globe and Mail about the increasing number of Instagram users whose accounts have been hacked, explaining that it’s unknown whether the attacks are state-sponsored cyber operations. He also offered tips on avoiding attacks.  

To CBC News, Dehghantanha commented on the cyber warfare tactics used in the Russia-Ukraine war and noted that some Canadian industries might be targeted.  

A professor in the School of Computer Science and the Canada Research Chair in Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence, Dehghantanha’s research focuses on cybersecurity, cyber threat intelligence and digital forensics.