Toxicologist Makes Headlines with Microplastic and Pesticide Expertise  

Dr. Ryan Prosser
Dr. Ryan Prosser

Environmental toxicology researcher Dr. Ryan Prosser spoke to two media outlets on the topics of microplastics and human health, as well as on pesticides, LDD moths and butterflies.   

Prosser lent his thoughts to the Toronto Star about a new study that found microplastics in the lungs of living people; Prosser was not involved in the study. He noted that how human bodies react to a buildup of microplastics is still not fully understood. 

To the Hamilton Spectator, Prosser commented on the human and insect health risk of spraying biopesticides in Dundas, Ont. He said the risk to the nearby Urquhart Butterfly Garden should be minimal and that the pesticide used will affect only the leaf-eating caterpillars of LDD moths.   

A professor in the School of Environmental Sciences at the Ontario Agricultural College, Prosser’s research projects include the risk of microplastics to Canada’s ecosystems.