[Energizing music]
[Gryph walks into an exam room and sits down at a table in front of a scantron exam card. Gryph opens their backpack and pulls out a calculator, water bottle and ruler – pointing them toward the camera like they are tools for a quest. With each item comes a whip sound effect.]
[To the sound of a record scratch, Gryph notices a sign on the table that reads “Exam Requirements: Pencil”.]
[The music becomes panicked as Gryph frantically searches the backpack for a pencil, tossing random items including a toothbrush, boxing glove and sunglasses onto the table. Gryph pats the table frantically.]
[President Charlotte Yates walks into the room, stands beside Gryph and hands Gryph a pencil.]
[Gryph shoves all of the items except for the scantron card off the desk and begins writing the exam.]
President Yates: “You’re in the final stretch, Gryphons. Good luck with your exams!”
[Energizing music returns as Gryph turns to President Yates and shushes her. President Yates looks apologetic and quickly exits.]
[University of Guelph Improve Life cornerstone appears].