Video opens on an over the shoulder frame of someone looking at a computer screen with many images lined up of moths.

– [Narrator] We want to know all life, every species.

Clip of DNA samples being processed by high end scientific equipment in lab, and clips of hands and lab tech using the equipment.

– [Narrator] By using automation and rapidly evolving DNA sequencing technology, we are bringing this vision to life.

(Lively music) TEXT ON SCREEN “The University of Guelph-led global biodiversity project was awarded $24 million in federal funding for BIOSCAN.”

Montage of microscopic high-definition images of a fly and other insect, video clip close-up of a fish. Video changes to a man and woman looking at a map on a computer screen in an academic office.

– [Narrator] Our new scientific program BIOSCAN is shedding light on unknown species, tracking their distribution, abundance, and interactions.

Timelapse of mountains with clouds moving through sky.

– [Narrator] BIOSCAN will bring us closer to building a complete library of life, forming the basis for an earth observation system.

Video clip of Koala bear in a tree, a group of wildlife protection rangers, ranger walking towards tent, landscape shot of African plains

– [Narrator] Together, we must act. We are not just scientists. We are rangers in national parks collecting the data required to monitor ecosystems.

Video clips of Indigenous elder, aurora borealis over the night sky, indigenous child looking into camera, woman hanging plant samples in Ziploc bags on a clothesline, close-up of caterpillars.

– [Narrator] We are Indigenous Peoples protecting our lands and traditions for future generations. We are citizens supporting science and conservation in our country.

TEXT ON SCREEN: “Learn more at

– [Narrator] This is BIOSCAN.

U of G cornerstone with Improve Life tagline.

(Lively music)